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April is an exciting time in the garden as spring leaps into action. You will of course have seen all the spring flowering bulbs in all their glory, especially the Daffodils and Grape hyacinths, which give a fantastic show at this time of year. Reminding us that better weather will soon be on its way. But remember as they fade, to take off the dead heads and leave the leaves. This will help the plant put energy back into the bulb for next years flowers. Also at this point feed them, I was told by an old grower to give them growmore.

Most of the colder weather should have passed, but beware of late frosts and ready to protect that young or delicate growth.

With warmer weather and longer periods of daylight, starts to wake the garden up, therefore the list of jobs could be endless. However, I want you to enjoy your time in the garden, so shall only give you a few to concentrate on for now.

Grass – your grass will start growing a lot quicker from now on and it’s best to keep on top of it. An uncut lawn can certainly change the whole look of your garden. But it’s not only cutting your lawn, now is the time to make any repairs by sowing seeds on bare patches. If you don’t need to seed, you could always feed your lawn, to give it that extra little boost.

Weeds – along with all other plants in your garden, weeds will start to grow. Start as you mean to go on and keep on top of them. A little often is the secret to hand and hoe weeding or if you prefer spraying them, avoid windy weather when there could be a chance of the mist being blown onto other plants. When using chemicals, always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions and guidance to protect yourself and the environment.

Climbers – Any climbing plants will start to grow rapidly now, so before it is too late you must ensure they have enough support. You may wish to use wire on arches or walls, tripods or extend or maintain your trellis. As you see new shoots grow, encourage them sideways, as this sends growth hormones along the length of the shoot and not just to the tips. This will help flowers to grow all over the plant.

Sowing – Spring sowing is suitable for hardy annuals, these are plants which are sown, flower and die in one year. Sowing in spring differs from autumn, in that it tends to produce a later flowering display. Hardy annuals are easy to grow from seed and a vast choice is available. They offer long-lasting flowers during the warmer months and these fast-growing plants provide an easy and cost-effective way to give naturalistic planting, plug gaps and fill the border with a summer full of colour.

As I’ve said, just a few jobs for April. But should you wish for some more, send me a message. There’s plenty!

Enjoy your gardening