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Now just a few February gardening jobs.


  • Finish off your rose pruning at the end of the month. Bush types, prune to allow air movement into the plant. Cut to an outward facing bud. For climbers, spur prune back to two or three buds.
  • Mulch, I’m always going on about it. Don’t get too near to the stems of your trees and shrubs. Anyone who says putting well-rotted organic matter onto and into the soil is bad, get them to speak to me!
  • Your grass will probably increase its growth rate by the end of the month with the extra daylight. Cut it when conditions allow but keep your mower settings on high.
  • You can still buy bareroot trees, get them into the ground this month to establish them before the growing season. Protect newly planted trees and shrubs from wind and extreme cold.
  • Perhaps plants in your greenhouse are starting to grow, softwood cuttings can be taken. But don’t take them just for the sake of it, you don’t want to strip plants as soon as they wake up.
  • Seed sowing can go ahead. A cold frame is a great way of growing things if you haven’t got a greenhouse. You can also buy mini heaters for them, if things get really cold.
  • If you want to put a bird box or had one for Christmas, put it up now. The birds are starting to look for nests already. Keep the box out of direct sunlight, they can heat up in the same way a car does in the full sun overheating the chicks.

Although February is quite a miserable month weather wise, I find it quite exciting. You can get on and prepare for the year to come.

Wrap up warm, keep out of the rain and enjoy your gardening.