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Now we’re getting into the summer. If you have been growing your summer annuals, now is the time to put them out into the garden and enjoy your hard work. Get the BBQ and garden chair out and have fun in the garden at this time of year. But while you sit there and look around, here is a list of jobs that might need doing.

  • The lawn. What else can I say? Keep cutting and make sure you compost. If you want to weed and feed make sure there is moisture in the soil. Do not do any of this type of work when the ground is dry.
  • It’s not just your garden plants that will be enjoying the warmer weather, I’m afraid the weeds will like it too. Get on top of the weeding, don’t let it become a big job.
  • Summer bedding. It’s now definitely time to put these plants outside. Put your hanging baskets in place. Don’t forget to harden your plants off first if you haven’t already. Protect these tender plants from strong breezes especially when they first get outside.
  • With tubs and baskets comes the watering. If you haven’t got a water butt, get one. It will save you a fortune and rain water is much better for plants than anything you will get from the tap.
  • The greenhouse. Anything left in the greenhouse will be getting a great deal of heat. Help to cool things down by opening all the vents and shading the glass.
  • Hedge cutting. Your hedges might need a cut. If you need to cut it, please make sure you check for bird nests. Make sure plants like Buxus are cut in dry conditions, Box blight is a fungal problem and they love wet humid conditions.
  • Still a good time for softwood cuttings. Fuchsias, geraniums and lots of shrubs. Plants for free.

There you are, you thought there was light at the end of the tunnel, only to realise it’s me with a torch bringing you a list with more jobs.