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Making Newspaper Pots

Why not have a go at these newspaper pots. They’re a little fiddly, but break down in the soil and are plastic free.

1. Firstly, take out a whole sheet from the newspaper and cut it in half and put one piece aside.

2. Fold the bottom up to the top.

3. Now fold in half, like a book and then re-open. This leaves a crease to mark the centre line.

4. Fold in both bottom corners, leaving the open part at the top. This will leave the closed end looking pointed.

5. Peel back the first flap at the top and fold it in half and then in half again, overlapping the back of the pointed piece.

6. Turn over and fold both of the top parts into the centre.

7. Fold over the top flap twice as before. Half in and then half again, ovelapping where the previous flap has been folded.

8. Tuck the piece under the original flap.

9. Fold the bottom point up to the bottom edge of the lip, press put a crease in the paper and then undo. Then turn the piece of paper over and fold the same and open again. These creases will help when opening the pot. Next fold the bottom point to one edge of the crease and press down part way again this will help when opening.

10. Start to open up the pot. The bottom point will start to come up into position. Now straighten up the fold and with a little fiddle you have a pot.

This pot has no drainage holes, so you can make some. Or just keep an eye on the watering as water will move out of the paper more rapidly then a plastic pot. If you want to you can also plant this pot straight into the ground when your plant is ready, as it will biodegrade. So a little re-cycling and a free pot.